January 15, 2023 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A, Yr. I)

Community Word: The Father’s love makes us joint heirs with His Son, Jesus Christ.
Theme: We are joint heirs with Jesus Christ when we testify to Him as the Son of God and do His will.
Promise: “I will make you a light to the nations that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” (Is 49:6b)

The festive celebration of Christmas culminates with the Baptism of Jesus Christ. It marks the transition to the Ordinary Time of the Liturgical Cycle where scripture readings highlight the event of Jesus’ life, as he starts his ministry, his life among the people, his death and resurrection. This is the time that as we hear the word of God, we focus and reflect on the things Jesus did and taught so that the values and attitudes we learn might be inculcated in our life. For this Sunday, we see that Jesus has grown up and will be baptized indicating the start of His ministry life on earth.
The baptism of Jesus is very significant as it remarkably shows all three Persons of the Trinity together – the Son being baptized, the Holy Spirit descending upon Him, and the Father speaking from the heavens saying, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased,” (Mt 13:7d). In this event, the Father and the Holy Spirit confirm the divinity of Jesus as he submits to his Father’s will as the “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world,” (Jn 1:29). The baptism of Jesus enables us to clearly understand the existence of the Triune God.
John the Baptist acted and testified to make known that the person he baptized is the Son of God. Initially, John hesitated to baptize Jesus because the baptism he performs is for those who want to repent, while Jesus has nothing for which he needs to repent of. By choosing to be baptized, Jesus shows his oneness with humanity and fulfills all righteousness – preparing himself to be a perfect sacrifice for us.
As we dwell on the baptism of Christ, we are reminded of our own baptism, making us one with the Spirit to become “joint heirs with Jesus Christ when we testify to Him as the Son of God and do His will,” which is our theme for this week, the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.
As joint heirs, we are called to grow and mature spiritually and become living witnesses of the goodness of God, and to lovingly obey His will. We are directed to emulate His love for his followers and his people when He carried out his ministry of teaching, healing, feeding and performing many acts of miracles especially for the poor and deprived in life.
He is an endearing inspiration when he becomes one with us, walking with us in our life, feeling the joy and sorrows we feel, giving us hope and enlightenment, bearing the pains for us so that he might take away all sins. Jesus in his great compassion redeemed us by his mercy and performed the greatest expression of his love by offering his own life to accomplish his task to do the will of the Father who sent him because of His unconditional love for us.
Such inspiration should live in our hearts forever. In return we strive to continue the ministry that Jesus has started as he baptized us with the Holy Spirit to enable us to uplift the temporal and spiritual lives of the poor and neglected people. By doing so, we may be able to give them hope that will bring them joy of being blessed with a better life. The Light of Christ that shines on us can be shared to others to realize the promise of God: “I will make you a light to the nations that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth,” (Is 49:6b).

Thank you Jesus for reminding us that as we have been baptized by the Spirit, we are empowered to continue your ministry. Be with us Lord as we carry out the work you have started. Bless us so that our efforts may bring hope, joy and enlightenment to the last, the least and the lost. In your most loving name, we pray. Amen.

Reflection Guide Questions

  1. Am I willing to participate and continue the ministry works of Jesus? Which ministry work can I best serve the Lord?
  2. How can I overcome the challenges and obstacles which prevent me from participating in the mission of the Church and my community?

This Week’s Daily Mass Reading Guide:
January 15, 2023 (Sun) – Is 49:3, 5-6/ Ps 40:2, 4, 7-8, 8-9, 10/ 1 Cor 1:1-3/ Jn 1:29-34
January 16, 2023 (Mon) – Heb 5:1-10/ Ps 110:1-4/ Mk 2:18-22
January 17, 2023 (Tue) – Heb 6:10-20/ Ps 111:1-5, 9, 10/ Mk 2:23-28
January 18, 2023 (Wed) – Heb 7:1-3, 15-17/ Ps 110:1-4/ Mk 3:1-6
January 19, 2023 (Thu) – Heb 7:25-8:6/ Ps 40:7-10, 17/ Mk 3:7-12
January 20, 2023 (Fri) – Heb 8:6-13/ Ps 85:8, 10-14/ Mk 3:13-19
January 21, 2023 (Sat) – Heb 9:2, 3, 11-14/ Ps 47:2-3, 6-9/ Mk 3:20-21

“Ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of Christ. Read your Bible daily!”


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