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Leadership and Governance

In the BLD Covenant Community, no member possesses authority in his or her personal capacity.  Authority is legitimately exercised only when it is used to implement the statutes and policies and guidelines of the BLD Covenant Community, and the decisions of the governing body of the BLD Covenant Community.  Ecclesiastical authority is exercised by the Diocesan Bishop and by the District Spiritual Director, to whom he has lawfully delegated his authority.  The BLD Covenant Community Spiritual Director, BLD Community Council of Servant Leaders and the District Council of Stewards exercise pastoral care in accordance with the norms, values, culture and provisions of the BLD Covenant Community Statutes.

Since BLD Districts serve in and BLD Community members live within the Archdiocese, Diocese and/or Parish, they are therefore under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Diocesan Bishop and/or Parish Priest.   As the head of the local Church, the Diocesan Bishop has authority over matters that affect the local Church.  As such, the Diocesan Bishop has the final decision on the role of the BLD Covenant Community and the BLD District in the life and mission of the local Church. The BLD Covenant Community recognizes therefore that the primary and ultimate ecclesiastical authority over the BLD District and Community members rests with the Diocesan Bishop.The BLD District shall support the mission of the Archdiocese/Diocese by regular tithes/love offerings.

Pastoral Care in the BLD Covenant Community

Every BLD Covenant Community member is under the pastoral care of those who exercise leadership and governance in the BLD Covenant Community.  The BLD Covenant Community Spiritual Director exercises pastoral care over the members of the community throughout the world.  He is also the pastoral head of the BLD Covenant Community Council of Servant Leaders.   The BLD Executive Council of Servant Leaders exercises pastoral care over all BLD District Council of Stewards, while the BLD District Spiritual Director and District Servant Leaders exercise pastoral care over the BLD District Council of Stewards under their assigned Districts.

In the BLD District, leadership is exercised by the BLD District Spiritual Director, the District Servant Leader and the BLD District Council of Stewards.   A Pastoral Head is a covenanted disciple who has been given the responsibility of guiding and caring for the BLD District, Apostolate, Ministry or Homestead. BLD District Servant Leader is the pastoral head of the District Council of Stewards. He has responsibility over his assigned District Cluster, with the assistance of the District Spiritual Director.  A BLD District Steward is the Pastoral Head of an Apostolate composed of a group of Ministry Coordinators and Homestead Shepherds he has responsibility over.  The Ministry Coordinator or Homestead Shepherd is the Pastoral Head of all Circle Shepherds belonging to the Ministry or Homestead he has responsibility over. The Circle Shepherd is the Pastoral Head of all members belonging to the circle that he has responsibility over.