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BLD Pastoral Care Program

Pastoral Care is the program by which, as members of the BLD Community, we express our response to God’s covenant love by nurturing and caring for one another, and bring to full maturity in Christ all those whom the Holy Spirit has entrusted to us in the BLD Covenant Community.  The objective of BLD Pastoral Care Program is to empower BLD Disciples in the life of the Spirit by:

  1. Shepherding them to maturity in Christ through the exercise of their natural and spiritual gifts;
  2. Enabling them to overcome problems and afflictions in their personal, family, vocational, and community life;
  3. Training them to minister to one another’s material, psychological, and spiritual needs;
  4. Cultivating Christian stewardship in their personal, family, vocational, and community life; and
  5. Developing sound personal relationships based on sacrificial love born of the fruit of the Spirit.

The Word Sharing Circle is the primary forum for the BLD Pastoral Care Program.  Since the spirit of intimacy is best promoted among people who have learned to regard each other with openness and respect, it is necessary for the Word Sharing Circle to have a semblance of permanence with regards to its membership.  Moreover, the Word Sharing Circle with regular members is a practical and easy way for the leadership to monitor the members’ spiritual growth and development.   The members of the Word Sharing Circle with their Circle Shepherd, who presides and facilitates the sessions, shall gather together every week for the following purpose:

  1. To deepen their knowledge on the Word of God and live it out in their day to day personal, family, vocational, and Community life;
  2. To understand the policies and guidelines, norms, values and culture of the BLD Community and the significant teachings of the Church;
  3. To minister to each other’s needs and burdens;
  4. To encourage each other in the exercise of spiritual and natural gifts; and
  5. To build sound interpersonal relationships in the Lord.