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Easter Message 2023

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Imus

The Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer Crucified is risen, alleluia!

Our Savior has triumphed over sin and death. After arising by His own power, Jesus, glorious, was seen by the apostles who were able to ascertain that it was He. They were able to talk with Him, they saw Him eat, they saw the marks of the nails on His hands and feet. They saw the wound at His side. The apostles declare that He manifested Himself to them with numerous proofs and they died testifying to this truth. We have hope for eternal life when we rejoice and testify to Christ’s resurrection.

The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ invites us to share in His victory. Our life should be totally linked to Christ’s saving action. Outside of Him, our life is empty. Our eff orts are not enough in themselves. We need God for them to bear fruit. With the Risen Lord, pain and illness are converted into a treasure that lasts beyond death. With the Lord Jesus Christ by our side, everything becomes opportunities of grace for us. Jesus Christ, the Living Hope, leads us to eternal lif e.

As BLD members, I invite you once again to renew your commitment to the Risen Lord. Live your lives serving God and His Church especially the poor and marginalized of our society. Be active evangelizers for others because you are God’s missionary disciples.

Your deep faith and witnessing in the Risen Lord will surely be rewarded. God bless all of you. HAPPY EASTER!

    Bishop of Imus
    BLD Community Spiritual Director

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