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Easter Messages 2022 from Bishop Rey Evangelista 


“The Lord is truly risen, alleluia. To him be glory and power for all the ages of eternity, alleluia, alleluia.11

This is the Entrance Antiphon of the Solemnity of Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord. The glorious resurrection of the Lord is the key to interpret His whole life and the foundation of our faith. As St. Paul said – “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is void of content and your faith is empty too.11 (1Cor. 15:14)

As baptized Christians and BLD members, we are called to give witness to the Resurrection of the Lord. Because of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, we can show in our lives that life is more powerful than death and love is more enduring than hate. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that we have experienced for more than two years now, our world has been struggling in suffering and hopelessness. In the face of so many challenges of life, the Risen Lord is reminding us that. He has conquered sin and death. Our thoughts in this present life even with difficulties should bring us on the praise of God, because in the life to come we shall rejoice forever in praising God. We won’t be ready for that life of praise unless we train ourselves for it in this life now.

Easter reminds us also that all did not end in Calvary because the cross was but a passage to everlasting life. We should give witness and celebrate each day the Christ who lives and our hope of our future glorification. “The fifty days of Easter, says St. Augustine, excludes fast, since it is in anticipation of the banquet that awaits us on high.”

May you all experience the true joy of Easter. Celebrate the victory of Christ over sin and death with authentic love for one another and in the service of the poor and those struggling in their lives.



Bishop of Imus

BLD Community Spiritual Director


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